What we need

Helping people with albinism to protect their skin, to prevent the formation of melanomas means providing clothing, medicines, hygiene and personal care products or whatever can contribute to their protection. ​ In particular we need:​

  • Ophthalmic and dermatological medical examinations, to assess each individual situation and be able to proceed with targeted care for each subject. The main problem actually, is the lack of prevention and the total absence of medical care in the villages. All these factors make albinos unaware of their own health condition;​
  • High protection sunscreens, to block the powerful rays of the African sun;​
  • Moisturizing body lotions
  • Medical facilities able to treat serious forms of dermatitis;​
  • Soaps and detergents for cleaning and personal care;​
  • Sunglasses, also with corrective lenses, to protect their eyes often subject to tumours because of lack of melanin which the damaging effects of their scorching sun aggravate;​
  • Caps, T-shirts, clothing suitable for protection from the sun.