The President

My name is Alfonso Della Corte I was born in Salerno in 1974 and since I was a child I have cultivated my passion for photography, especially landscapes. In 2011 I travelled to Malawi for the first time together my friend Don Alfonso Raimo, missionary father and president of the volunteer organisation S.O.S. Infanzia negata (S.O.S. Denied Childhood). I was immediately struck by the great works carried out and by his sensitivity towards the children of that left to itself, distant land.  

Since then I returned to Malawi several times every year, I made new friends who gave me the opportunity to know better this country, the customs and habits of the local people to the point of making me feel one of them, actually they made me feel at home!​ 

During my trips I noticed a strong presence of people suffering from albinism and after some research a whole new world opened up for me, incredible stories that pushed me to document this reality and sufferings. I changed my photography and made available my visual capacity to others, to those who have no voice, undefended and vulnerable against persecution and disease. I felt and still feel it is my duty to do something to change things, to believe and hope in a better world, even by means of photography, if indeed the photography has a soul, we are human!