The story​

Alfonso Della Corte, a young reporting photographer, has been traveling to Malawi for several years. In one and his first trips to Africa, he becomes acquainted to albinism and in 2017 he decides to set out to learn more. For eight months he pays attention to each village he visits. His journey becomes mission when, during his stay, six people with albinism lose their lives in unnatural circumstances. As if this was not enough, he noted that albino people have a life expectancy of under thirty due to melanomas. This is how is born, deep down in his heart, the idea to do something for them. An idea that has turned into reality by making a book to raise funds and creating, in May 2019, an E.T.S. non-profit organization with the aim of safeguarding the human rights of people with albinism in Africa. Africa Bianca (White Africa),  from the title of the book the association takes also its name, is the result of this commitment that aims to give voice and hope to the lowest of the low.​